Saturday, June 18, 2005


As I listened to Dick Durbin compare the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to Russian Gulags I was reminded again of how Liberals have for decades underestimated our enemies. It began in the early days of the Cold War as communist spies had literally permeated the US government and the State Department. It continued with appeasement strategies of Presidents like Truman. Had I not read Anne Coulter's book Treason I would have been flabbergasted at what the left has done to further commit treason with the War on Terror. (If you have not read this book or do not believe me, you must read Treason, it is a powerful expose into the world of the far left and their continual behavior in opposition to the Cold War and now the War on Terror).

Lets set the "way-back" machine to September 11, 2001. Nineteen psychotic Muslims boarded four Jumbo Jets and plowed three into buildings and one into a field, killing thousands. They came after us. Why? Because they hate our way of life. They hate America. Their wish is to see our country with its freedoms destroyed. These men support oppressive regimes such as the Bathist Governments in Syria and Iraq. They support the theocracy in Iraq and they supported the Taliban. They do not believe in freedom. They do not care about justice. They believe that they are here to cleanse the world of the infidel. The jihadists now waging war in Iraq have beheaded innocent civilians, and done everything they can to undermine the fledgeling democracy in Iraq.

Make no mistakes. These people if given the chance will attack the U.S. again. Those held in Guantanamo Bay have taken up arms against the US. They have tried to kill our soldiers. They are prisoners of War. Some that we have released we have recaptured or killed in fighting in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Many of those in Gintmo are some of the worst people in all the world. They would kill you if given the chance, just because you are and American. You think I am exaggerating? Just remind yourself about the insurgents who beheaded several Americans and videotaped it, to try and intimidate the American people.

This war is still raging. Just because we are not fighting a particular country per se does not mean that we are not at war. Al Qaida does not just want the US out of the Middle East. These terrorists want to destroy our way of life. They do not believe in democracy and freedom. The believe that a Muslim theocracy is the right way to govern. They believe that women have very little rights if any. They believe that if a woman is raped, she brought dishonor and shame on her family and should be put to death, not the rapist . They supported regimes that did not allow women to leave their homes and outlawed education for women. The terrorists believe that western civilization is corrupt and evil. They believe that they have the truth and that all others because they do not believe in Allah should die.

The US has Gintmo because the people being held there are too dangerous for society. I read some of the interrogation techniques used on the "20th Hijacker." Where the libs saw horror, I saw restraint. The interrogators did not torture this man; they interrogated him. Compare his treatment with the treatment of several Americans kidnapped in Iraq. He is alive and well. They are dead, their heads chopped off by dull machetes, their murderers standing over them proud of what they had just done. But Amnesty International calls Gintmo, the "Gulag of our Time." Do these idiots even know what happened in the Soviet Gulags? Were the prisoners there served rice pilaf and Orange Glazed chicken? NO. They were tortured endlessly and then murdered. The people in the Russian Gulags, the Concentration Camps of the Nazis, the death camps of the Khmer Rouge held and killed innocent people. The camp at Gintmo is holding about 750 enemy combatants, including many members of Al Qaida. Yet Dick Durbin has the gall to compare Gintmo with some of greatest atrocities of our time.

Simply Amazing.

No, there is no anti-Israel Bias at the NY Times.

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