Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie Williams Deserved Death

As Tookie Williams was executed by lethal injection, supporters who shouted in unison "The state of California just killed an innocent man." How ridiculous for anyone who is intellectually honest to even suggest such a thing in this case.

There is no doubt that Stanley "Tookie" Williams killed those four people in 1979. The prosecution met the burden of proof and a jury of his peers, which included one black man, convicted him of four counts of aggravated first degree murder. The witnesses that testified in the case were credible, and none were proven to have lied, and none of them ever recanted their testimony. The prosecution knew where Tookie bought the shotgun that he used in the killings, and ballistics tests matched the weapon to the murders. Williams was guilty of his crimes and a just punisment was handed down.

What makes Williams more deserving of death is what he did while in prison. This man was not a model prisoner. He tried to escape, fought with guards, and did much while in prison to further illustrate his depravity. He may have written children's books to help deter inner-city kids from joining gangs. Yetthis gesture while having the appearance of nobility, does little clean the blood that is on his hands. Redemption does not come from such hollow acts, and ultimately the only one who can grant him forgiveness is no one on this planet. His crimes are just too egregious.

But make no mistakes, other than his writings, this man has done little to deserve clemency in this life. Just because some moron nominated Williams for the Nobel Peace Prize, does not make him a champion of peace. How many young African-Americans have chosen life in the Crips only to see their lives snuffed out in a drive-by shooting? How many innocent people have died at the hands of the Crips (the gang that Williams co-founded)? Did he ever confess to his crimes? NO! Did he ever help police in their fight against gang violence by turning on the gang that he co-founded? NO! Has he ever shown remorse for any of the things that he did in his life? NO! This is a man who spread evil, was convicted of murder, and then went to prison to await his fate that was carried out earlier this morning.

His execution was the final act of justice on this earth in this case. He is now with his maker, and hopefully the first people that he saw on the other side were those people that he robbed of life and liberty. If he is truly penitent then may God grant him forgiveness. He deserves none in this life.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Congressman John Murtha has left the realm of criticism of Iraq and his comments have moved into the realm of Treason. Murtha is saying now that the Military is basically broken and that the Army is living "hand to mouth"

These comments are destructive and damaging to the Military. Not only do these comments help to reduce the moral of the military, but it gives aid and comfort to the enemy. If the enemy believes what this man is saying, it could embolden them to fight on and to not give up.

The liberal left is doing everything to try and undercut the mission of the military in the War on Terror.

Make no mistakes. This is a war. If the terrorists were not trying to kill U.S. soldiers in Iraq, they would be plotting to kill American civilians across the globe and in the US in particular.

These people will stop at nothing. Their goal is to annihilate freedom and install an Islamic theocracy throughout the world.

If you think I am exaggerating, take a minute to analyze what is going on in the middle east. How many countries in the middle east have democracies. Before Saddam was overthrown and captured there was exactly ONE: Israel. Now there is Israel and Iraq. The people of Lebanon are trying to get Syrian Bathists out of their country. Egypt is leaning toward more democratic elections. Is it a coincidence that these changes have come since the U.S. has decided to take the war against terror to the terrorists?

pacifism has never worked. It is a sad truth that often the way to peace and freedom is through bloodshed. We must stay the course. We must fight the fight, and the left needs to stop politicizing the war and get behind the President of the United States.

No, there is no anti-Israel Bias at the NY Times.

Recently the New York Times published an Op-Ed of a Palestinian who describes the deplorable conditions that he says exist in Israeli prison...