Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why I Cannot Support Trump Part 1

As a long time conservative and a member of the Republican party, I cannot remember a time when I was more disgusted with people in my political party than I am right now.  I simply cannot understand how anyone could ever vote for Donald Trump, much less any Republican.  Yes I understand that Trump's rhetoric has tapped into an anger that has been brewing among a segment of the population in the United States.  I get that anger.  I have been completely frustrated with the "Establishment" and the many times that they have just rolled over and not fought President Obama, even after the American people gave them control of both the House and the Senate.  But despite this anger and frustration, never once have I even considered voting for Donald Trump.  Here's why.

First, Donald Trump is not a Republican.  Sure he may be registered as one, but for much of his life, he not only showed disdain for Republicans, but has given financial support to many liberal Democrats over the years, including Hillary Clinton and Mario Cuomo.  Even if you buy the argument that Trump gave money to Republicans too, how does this atone for giving money to democrats and their causes.  Trump has tried to dismiss this criticism by saying that he gives money to as many candidates as he can, so that they will "do what he wants:

“I gave to many people before this. When they call, I give. And you know what, when I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them. They are there for me.”  Donald Trump at the first Presidential Debate
How is this a good thing?  In essence Trump is bragging about how he has bought influence.  This is not a virtue but rather he has helped to corrupt our political system by buying political influence.  Not only does this put him firmly in the middle of the Establishment that he claims to not be a part of, he is a very part of the corruption that most Americans are disgusted by.

Second: Trump is not Conservative.  I was watching him I think on Fox News where he was trying to reemphasize his conservative credentials.  He said, "I'm very conservative on the border.  I'm very very conservative on trade," and then he went on to say how conservative he is on different issues.  This people, is not a conservative.  Conservatives are driven by the principles of limited government, individualism and adherence to the Constitution.   You can click here to read in greater detail the driving principles of a Conservative.

Trump does not have a clue what a conservative is. Just because he is says he is "conservative" on this or that issue, does not make him a conservative. In fact, his plans to fix things, do not involve limiting government but rather he talks about how he is going to fix them?  How does  a President who is supposed to go through congress to do anything, implement these changes without expanding government?  Trump never talks about limiting the size and scope of government, rolling back regulations, and empowering states and municipalities.  He simply talks about how he is going to fix everything through the sheer force of his will and ego.

I will add to this but this is just the start of my personal issue with Donald Trump and why I, as a principled conservative, cannot vote for the man.

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