Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Obama's new CO2 regs prove that he does not care about the poor.

Democrats and liberals have been given credit for being for the little guy.  My mother, who is a life-long democrat, has said as much to me. Never mind that the party platform has embraced infanticide, gay marriage and all other LGBT issues, rejected God, and pretty much does not stand for anything that mainstream America does.

But yesterday, Obama in essence jettisoned the poor by announcing that all power plants in the US must reduce carbon emissions by 32% by 2030.  Pretty much every major projection on these regulations will cause energy prices to skyrocket.  Who is this going to affect the most? The poor and middle class, or in other words the little people that the Democrat party says they represent.  Oh, and what will this supposedly do for the environment? It will reduce global temperatures by .028 degrees? Why is the impact not greater? Because the US is not even close to the biggest polluter in the world.

But make no mistake.  This will hurt the poor and middle class the most?  It will not just cause energy costs to increase but it will cause inflation in other areas, since all companies use energy.  If a rich person's electric bill goes up 20%, they just pay it with no trouble. But when lower and middle class people's energy costs go up, they will have a much harder time paying those bills.  Gas will cost more. Food will cost more and the average American will less cash in their pockets.

Finally, since when is CO2 a pollutant?  I leave you with this excellent video from Prager University made by one of the co-founder's of Greenpeace.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Simple Statement on Obama's Plan to give Amnesty

I have read headlines from all over the Country about the political ramifications of President (Emperor) Obama's plan to, through and executive order, to grant amnesty to more than 5 million illegal aliens.

These articles are really ridiculous.  What really should be asked are two things.

1) Is it right to move 5 million people, who willfully broke the law to get into this country, be moved ahead of the millions of people all over the world who want to come to the US and are doing it by following the law?

2) Should any president, with the stroke of his pen, circumvent the Constitution, and take away the congressional power to make laws in the United States?

The simple answer to each of these two questions is an emphatic NO.  The rest of this debate is then rendered moot.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to Not fight Your Enemy

I will admit, I did not watch a moment of the President's speech last night on how he and his administration were going to handle the ISIS threat.  Why?  Because I knew, because I think I know this President very well now, that he would not say or commit to doing what really needs to be done.

Why do you ask?  Because Dinesh D'Souza, despite what you might think, is spot on about President Obama.  Obama adheres to an extremist, liberal view of American History.  I am all but certain that he has read Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States.  Obama therefore believes that America was founded at the least under dubious circumstances and at worst its history is ripe with genocide (of Native Americans) and was built on the foundation of slavery and other human rights violations.  This is why the President has signaled a retreat of America as the "Light on a hill" that the world can look to as the example of liberty and democracy in the world.  Thus, because of Obama's perception of US atrocities in its history, Obama does not think that America has the moral authority to be the lead the free world.

He also has absolutely no understanding of the nature of the enemy that we are fighting right now.  I must admit, though, that until recently I did not truly understand radical Islam.  It was not until I read two books over this summer.  The first is Son of Hamas written by Mosab Yousef, who is the son of one of the founders of Hamas and became a spy for Israel and then converted to Christianity.  The second is The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright.  This book traces the roots of radical Islam and how it lead to the attacks on 9/11.  After reading these two books I have come to two conclusions:

1.  Radical Islam, while a small minority of Islam, represents about 91 million people in the world.  They are hard-lined zealots that see the rest of the world both moderate Islam and the Infidel as needing to be conquered, and put under the flag of Islam.

2.  They will never stop.  Their goal is to establish a world wide caliphate, with Sharia Law as the basis for this government.  They are not moderate, and they cannot be negotiated with.  They welcome death in the name of their cause as they then can be called martyrs and hopefully lead others to this extremist view of Islam.

When one couples Obama's reticence to lead the world, along with his lack of understanding of the Islamic world, there was no way he was going to do what needed to be done.  Yes he is most likely going to bomb the crap out of them, but bombings alone have never won a war. Unfortunately, due to his retreat from Iraq he allowed ISIS to gain power. He will not do what needs to be done, and I fear for whoever is the next President of the United States.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

No IRS Corruption Here...

"Not even mass corruption.  Not even a smidgen of corruption."  Barack Obama, February 2, 2014

That is what he said, when asked if there was any evidence of corruption in the IRS scandal that now should be on the minds of all of us.  Here is a short list of items and events that prove (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

Here are a short list of claims that were told by various people in the White House or other places within the administration proven later to be false.  
  1. Soon after the IRS scandal broke, Officials in Washington pointed fingers at the Cincinnati office, claiming that "rogue agents" had spearheaded the targeting.  This claim was proven false and that the targeting of Tea Party groups had been directed from Washington D.C.  Click HERE to read that story.
  2. Democrats claimed that Liberal groups were targeted as well.  While liberal groups were required.  This claim was proven false when IRS agents were questioned by Daryl Issa's committee.  The Daily Caller reported on April 7, 2014 that no Liberal groups were subjected to enhanced scrutiny.
So, the spin coming from Democrats/defenders of the IRS, has been proven to be false.  If there was no corruption or wrongdoing, why then did, when given the chance to clear her name, did Lois Lerner TWICE invoke her right plead the 5th Amendment  against SELF INCRIMINATION.  If there was no hint of wrongdoing or corruption, what does she have to hide?  She should be able to speak about what happened. 

We should take his word on this. Not a smidgen of corruption indeed.

More to come...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scandals are Everywhere

Benghazi, The IRS targeting Tea-Party Groups, DOJ going after phone records of AP reporters?  If you liberals out there think this is all coincidence, you are fooling yourself.

Benghazi, to this point does not look be a scandal in the same light as Watergate, which was a perfect example of abuse of power, corruption and a cover-up, but it does show gross incompetence.  State left its own flapping in the wind with insufficient security.  Ambassador Stevens kept asking for security, but was denied, and while the Red Cross and The UK diplomatic mission both pulled out of Benghazi due to real fears, the US decided to keep its mission there.  GROSS INCOMPETENCE.

The other two scandals are the real scary ones.  The White House will try to throw low level IRS workers under the bus and claim that they were overzealous liberals who went too far.  This scandal will reach much further up, and will take out someone within the administration, and will most likely cost Obama his chance at winning back the house during the mid-term elections next year.  Americans don't like this sort of thing.  But this overreaching and intimidation is an attitude that comes from the top.  Look at how President Obama acts.  When he is criticized and questions, he bristles, he filibusters and tries to intimidate his critics.  He has joked about IRS audits.  Sure, they were funny at the time, but given the fact that the IRS has actually done some of the stuff that Obama joked about, its not funny anymore.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.  The Obama administration has cultivated a hyper-partisan atmosphere in Washington.  Chicago politics has always been very dirty, and has included this sort of garbage, and Obama and his cronies have brought these tactics to Washington.

The slobbering media has heretofore allowed it to happen, but now that it is obvious that Obama uses his allies until he no longer needs them (see the AP/Congressional phone record scandal), maybe the press will wake up and try to finally do their job and take back up the mantle of America's 4th estate, rather than being the propaganda arm and protector of the Obama White House.

I'm not holding my breath.