Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Teaching is a thankless job

Today I had to attend yet another pointless faculty meeting. We have them about every other week. Today's was particularly stupid as the Principal broke the news to the staff that the school did not meet its test quotas and thus is an "under performing" school. What is funny is that our school is the only school in the district that received this report card, but that the other ones were able to avoid such a label because the state accepted their appeal. It is absurd. The vast majority of parents who's students attend here, could give a crap whether their kids even learn, much less do well in school. Most of these parents view the education system as free day care, yet we are judged solely by test scores. There is no recognition for the fact that the schools test scores improved almost across the board. And I would like to find out which moron it was who decided that the only measure for a schools performance is standardized tests.

The crux of the rest of the meeting was how much more we are going to have to do to reach simply unattainable goals that have been set for this school. Even if our test scores increase by 20% this year, we will still fail.

There are many other reasons, but I am really starting to hate my job again. I could go on and on, but what would be the point. The education system is the epitome of a SNAFU, Situation normal all F#@$% up.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall is here!

It is so nice now that the temperatures have finally gone down here in the QC. Since the temperatures have dropped, we have started playing some paintball again. We (myself, Troy and some of our buddies) played two weeks ago and again last Saturday for a few hours in the morning and had a great time.

I am back to school this week after a week vacation. Man, did I need a week off. Teaching middle school has been a challenge to say the least. The maturity level of these kids is difficult to handle after teaching high school for 5 years, however what is just as bad is the commute that I have to endure each day. It is a long drive for not much of a reward. But the week off did a lot to recharge my batteries and I am ready for some more punishment.

Gabe and Rosie have moved in and I am happy that they feel comfortable enough to come live here. Since I had to move in with my in-laws when I was young, I can totally empathize with them and their situation. I know that Lisa is excited to have Baby Mia living with her for a while. There will be some challenges I am sure, but it is nice to have them here.

I got the pleasure to see Laura Ingraham speak last Thursday in Scottsdale. She is a strong woman. It's nice to have someone with such convictions on my side of the political isle. It was kind of cool to have her sign my copy of her new book (which is excellent). Politically it is a scary time for conservatives. I don't see any real conservatives running on the GOP ticket, and it disappointing to see that a fellow Mormon had to redefine himself with regards to abortion and gay marriage. One would think that a Mormon would be the most conservative on the ticket, but I have to remind myself that Dingy Harry (Reid) shares my religious beliefs as well and we could not be more opposite on just about every issue.

I will write a bit more about the War and politics in the future.

No, there is no anti-Israel Bias at the NY Times.

Recently the New York Times published an Op-Ed of a Palestinian who describes the deplorable conditions that he says exist in Israeli prison...