Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are you kidding me?

I think I am going to start calling President Obama the ADD president.  Unemployment is either over 10% (Gallup) or at 8.9% (Government Statistics).  The economy is sputtering along with no sign of the economy snapping out of the malaise that it is stuck in.  He has disregarded any semblance of fiscal responsibility and endorsed a budget that will in a relatively short period of time literally bankrupt this country, turning us into a banana republic.  Oil prices are skyrocketing again because of various issues, yet this President has no discernible energy policy other than to cow tow to the hard left environmentalists or to tell Americans not to worry about the price of oil or gas.  And finally we are only one week removed from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that has ravaged northern Japan.

But according to White House Dossier (link is to the article), President Obama is taping his NCAA bracket picks. What?  Are you serious?  Now, I have no problem with him filling out his own bracket.  Shoot, I have filled out two so far myself.  But to tape it to be televised via ESPN smacks of not only hubris, but of a President completely out of touch with the problems that regular Americans face.  Back when the Gulf War was in full swing, President Bush was criticized for playing too much golf and having fun while people were dying in a far off land.  President Bush felt it was inappropriate and stopped playing golf.  

The question is will the press be as critical toward President Obama playing golf (he does all the time) and taping himself filling out NCAA tournament brackets while regular Americans are still suffering?  I wouldn't hold my breath.  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Who's to blame for this Oil Spike!

It is interesting to watch as the press seemingly does not want anything to do with the current oil price spike.  As oil and gasoline prices have risen dramatically over the past couple weeks, the silence has been deafening with regards to the press and its lack of criticism of President Obama and his administration.  A few years back, however the liberal media could not get to their computers fast enough to blame the Bush administration for the oil spike.  Liberal writers like Thomas Friedman lobbed massive amounts of criticism toward the Bush Administration for its "failed" energy policy.  Was some of this criticism warranted?  Possibly.  But if one is going to criticize President Bush, for his policies, one would have to also criticize pretty much every President's that preceded him going back several generations.

But there has been no criticism from the mainstream press about President Obama's equally short sited and horribly flawed energy policy (if there is in fact any energy policy) since he has been in office.  In fact President Obama's foreign, economic, and energy policies can easily be blamed for the spike in oil and gas prices.

The fact is that our country is years away from a viable alternative solution to oil, that is both somewhat cheap and efficient.  When the last spike happened, it became clear that the US is extremely vulnerable to such a spike.  The answers then were clear.  Intellegent thinking people said the US should 1) explore and develop its own sources of oil and energy, that are all over the US (places like ANWR, the Gulf of Mexico) and 2) use tax breaks and incentives to spur research and development into alternative sources of energy.

Bush tried in his last few months to open up oil exploration, but as soon as Obama became president he stopped that stuff cold.  Furthermore, when the spill happened in the gulf last summer, Obama used that excuse to place a six month moratorium on oil drilling.  Many of those off shore rigs have now been moved to other parts of the world and are being used there.  So even though the moratorium has been lifted, drilling is not going on.  There are also massive amounts of oil under a tiny portion of ANWR and the northern US that have yet to be tapped.  Some estimates put these reserves at as much as what is underneath the Middle East.  Obama refuses to allow more exploration and drilling, and has told everyone to not worry about the rising oil prices.  Its easy for him to say, as he lives in the White House with his secret service detail, fleet of limousines, helicopters and Air Force One, but people like me that are struggling to make ends meet in a teetering economy, are worried that any of what little extra we have, will soon go toward putting gasoline in our cars.

Remember, Mr. President, the last time such a spike happened, the party in power lost both houses in congress and the White House.  Good luck on that "Don't worry" strategy.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

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I am going to start posting daily.  Most of the posts on this blog will be political in nature.  Remember, however, these are the Random Rumblings that bound through my head, so they will be somewhat personal in nature.  Please stop by and visit as often as you like. Feel free to leave a comment.

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