Monday, April 10, 2006

My Take on the Illegal immigration Debate

I am surprised that there is even a real debate in this country over illegal immigration. I am trying to figure out how anyone can support amnesty, or any other program that would give people who break the law to come here a reward over those who try to do it right by coming here through the legal channels set up by the I.N.S.

This debate should start from the standpoint of national security. 9/11 changed America. We are no longer a safe nation. There are people around the world that want to come to this country to do harm to American citizens, simply because we are Americans. Americans should be terrified. If illegal immigrants can so easily enter this country through our porous borders to work in the US, then how easy is it for Al Qaida to sneak across the border, set up terror cells in the US and then plot, plan and carry out violence against Americans? We Americans should be screaming at our Elected leaders to do enforce immigration laws and close our borders.

What bothers me is that Latin American immigrants, legal and illegal are protesting immigration reform in mass. What I don't understand is what arguments they are trying to make. Organizers are trying to paint this as a racial issue but I would venture to guess that most Americans would say that they are not opposed to immigration. This country was built on immigrants coming to this country looking for a better life. No true American should be opposed to people coming here to find a better life, as long as they do it legally. I welcome all people who want to come here to get their piece of the American Dream.

But what do these protestors want? The vast majority of Americans, particularly in border states, are opposed to illegal immigration because of the problems that illegal immigration cause. Whenever an Illegal goes to a hospital emergency room and gets services, that cost not paid by them, is transferred to American Citizens. Many Illegals do not pay taxes and yet they send their kids to American public schools without paying a dime. Our prison systems are full of illegal immigrants who broke the law to get into this country, and then broke the law while in this country. If these protestors are wanting amnesty for illegal immigrants they should be told by every government official, Republican or Democrat, NO WAY.

There really should be no debate here. NONE. The press, organizers, and liberals are trying to make this about discrimination. They are trying to paint American citizens who oppose illegal immigration as xenophobic hayseeds who hate all who do not look like us. Liberals are pandering to this group in order to get votes. This means that liberals would prefer to put our national security at risk to get a few more votes. This is truly sad. To even consider giving illegals amnesty is to say, "hey thanks for breaking our laws, now we would like to reward you by giving you legal residency, and a possibility of citizenship. It doesn't matter that you disregarded our laws and it does not matter that thousands of your brethren have chosen to respect the law and are waiting for their turn to come legally. Come on in, sit down and make yourselves at home."

These protests are going on in the wrong place. Rather than biting the hand that feeds you by protesting against the US government, Mexicans should be protesting in their own country to try and get the government of that country to root out corruption and try to use the resources that are abundant in that country to build an economy that can support its people.

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