Saturday, June 30, 2007

More on immigration

So now that the immigration debate has been finally defeated in the Senate, I am left wondering so many things?

Why did the President turn on his base and try to ram down our throat an immigration reform package that would have been potentially disastrous to the safety and security of the country? Was it for political reasons? Was he trying to bolster putrid approval ratings? It does not make much sense.

The humanitarian in me says we should let all law abiding people come to this country and make their way in life. This country was built on immigrants who wanted to come here to find a better life. Except Native Americans, all of us are here because either we, or someone in our ancestry came to this country seeking a chance at the "American Dream." But so many of our ancestors did not come here and immediately become a drag on the economy by getting into the welfare system. There was not a safety net that there is now.

Why did congress try to enact comprehensive immigration reform in one fell swoop. It seems like the bigger the bill, the harder it is to enforce. Why didn't congress at least try to pass some smaller bills that would have initated real change? What would have been wrong with a bill that would have secured our southern border? Why not some new laws to punish employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants? Or why not just start enforcing current immigration laws?

I was talking to someone a couple of weeks ago and he said something that I found interesting. He said republicans are not going to pass immigration reform because they are in the pockets of big business who "need" illegal immigrants. I then realized that to a degree he might be right. But I also realized that democrats don't want to do anything about illegal immigration because they want the vote of the immigrants who are here legally or who are voting illegally.

So who is caught in the middle? Quite simply it is us. You and me. Most Americans are against illegal immigration and want something done about it. Most of us know that having a porus southern border is a dangerous powder keg. If poor underfunded illegals can so easily get across the border to the US, then what can be said of well funded terrorists intent on getting into this country to do harm to America and it's people?

Illegal immigration is a real problem. But yet again politicians are too busy scheming for their special interest groups and not solving the problem. Great job.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I don't get it. I just don't get it.

Why is the President of the United States so zealously pushing for this ridiculous immigration bill? A vast majority of Americans oppose it. But what really bothers me is that he and the proponents of this amnesty bill are using such rhetoric to demonize people like me who oppose this bill.

We who oppose this bill are not racist. We simply see the problems that this bill causes. The US gave amnesty to a who slew of illegals back in the 1980's. This was supposed to be the last time. But it is happening again. Or at least the libs and the President want to do the same thing.

Before anything is done about the illegals that are here, we must secure our border. It should be the priority Not just because we need to stop huge influx of illegals coming across the southern border, but more importantly for the safety of our country.

I am angry.

No, there is no anti-Israel Bias at the NY Times.

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