Monday, April 30, 2012

Are College Aged People Stupid?

In 2008, Obama carried the youth vote by a wide margin and is generally consdiered one of the main reasons that he cruised to victory.  I get it.  He promised everybody everything, but more importantly Obama ran on a message of hope and change.  Young people had been bombarded by negative news about Bush and the War on Terror.  Futhermore, the economy tanked just in time for the 2008 election, and with that tanking, was any chance of McCain winning the election. 

Now, three years later, Obama is again campaigning for the youth vote.  He is counting on young people to help push him over the top and on to a second term.  More than that, Obama is pandering to young people by offering them more free money, or cheap debt, so that they can continue on through college without having to struggle the way so many generations before them struggled.  My question is.  Are you people stupid?

Why would you give Obama four more years, when all he had done is wrecked the economy to the point that 53% of recent college graduates are un or underemployed right now.  This is not from some conservative web site.  No less than The Atlantic and NPR are both reporting these statistics. 

Whats worse is that Obama is out campaigning about keeping student loan interest rates artifically low.  He is telling young people that a vote for a Republican means an increase in student loan costs.  So in essence Obama is trying to buy off the student vote.  What is really sad though is that in the current economy, students will graduate saddled with massive debt that they will have difficulty paying back because they will not be able to find jobs. 

Think about it people.  Under Obama, the economy has cratered.  It is growing now, but so slowly that it is very noticable.  People all over are still either unemployed or underemployed.  Unemployment is still over 8 percent and has been there for most of Obama's presidency.  And the only reason that unemployment has gone down is because the particpation rate in the labor force is at a 20 year low. 

Do you want this stuff to continue, or does real change need to be made.  The truth lies in Reagan's words at his inaguration:

"In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problems.  Government IS the problem."

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