Thursday, January 17, 2008

McCain not a Conservative (and barely a Republican)

It is amazing how the mainstream press continues to swoon for John McCain. The latest is a story in the Times that attempts to create sympathy for McCain so that he can be pushed to the forefront of the Republican party. The article talks about smear tactics being used in South Carolina, in which people are spreading outright lies about the Arizona Senator. The Article then details how this had been done in the 2000 primary. The tactics truely are dispicable and, in my opinion have absolutely no place in American politics. After detailing some of the smears used against McCain in 2000, and now in this Election year, the article says the following:
Although Mr. McCain, of Arizona, roared into the state as the upset winner in New Hampshire that year — a feat he repeated last week — eight years ago he had neither the organization nor the money to respond. He lost the state to George W. Bush, and his campaign soon derailed.
Herein lies the problem that I have with this article. The writer of this article does not come right out and say it but rather heavily insinuates that the smear campaign was what derailed McCain's presidential hopes in the year 2000. This assumption just is yet another example of how far off the main stream media is when it comes to Republican Presidential Politics.

McCain did not lose in 2000 because he was smeared. He lost because Conservatives will not vote for him. Why, you may ask? Because he is simply not conservative, and other than the fact that he is a registered Republican, McCain diverges from not just one, but many planks in the Republican platform. Here are just a few:

1) McCain cosponsored McCain-Fiengold, which in essence destroyed a form of free speech in this country by limiting election adds and campaign contributions in during elections. The moderate supreme court upheld the law, but many constitutional scholars see this law as a clear violation of the first amemdment.

2) McCain supports amnesty for illegal imigration. He co-sponsored McCain-Kennedy, a bill wildly unpopular with the vast majority of all Americans. It was the grass-roots movements in America that killed this bill not once, but twice.

3)McCain accepts hook, line and sinker, the unproven hypothesis of man-made global warming. His rhetoric on this issue smacks of arrogance. He often speaks as if he is completely right and that those who oppose him are not only just wrong, but immoral and stupid for disagreeing with him.

4)McCain undermined the Republican leadership in the bitter fight to get Bush appelate judges confirmed. Republicans had threatened to impose the "neuclear option" and end the ability of the minority to fillibuster judicial appointments once they had received an endorsement from the judiciary committee.

5)McCain, just yesterday reiterated his unwillingness to look for oil in a small part of ANWAR, a place in Alaska that most Alaskans favor drilling. He equated drilling in ANWAR with drilling in the Grand Canyon or the Florida Everglades. Anwar is a wasteland. The plan is to leave 92% of the refuge alone. The area in question is described as a frozen swamp. Yet a source of oil in the US is not good for America, according to McCain.

McCain did not lose the primary because he was smeared. He lost the primary because he is not Conservative. So don't let the press fool you. McCain would be a disasterous choice as the Republican nominee. He would get trounced in the general election.

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