Thursday, October 09, 2008

Response to David Brooks Comment about Sarah Palin

David Brooks of the New York Times recently said that Sarah Palin "represents a fatal cancer of the Republican Party." His intellectual bloviating can be found here.

I love how he can say this about Sarah Palin when he knows so little about her. I got news for him. She is not a cancer, but rather she is a shining light of conservatism that the Republican Party needs. She has taken on corruption in her own party in Alaska and is wildly popular in her state.

Every intellectual likes to paint any Conservative as a simple minded dolt. If that Conservative is a powerful politician, he gets even more stupid. Ronald Reagan, who was a man of ideas, was anything but stupid. He was a man of ideas, as Brooks puts it, but he was so much more. He also was a man of action who got things done. The left tried to paint him, first as a stupid talking head former "B" movie star, then as a senile old man. Most of the republicans that swept into power in 1994 were dismissed as idiots. George W. Bush (in my opinion not a conservative), is consistently caricatured as a simple minded religious nut. Dan Quayle was destroyed by the press and painted as a stupid idiot.

Since liberals have nothing new to offer, they are going after Sarah Palin in much the same way. She is being painted as a simple minded woman from a the back country. People like Brooks say that she is a cancer, because of her "anti-inellectualism."

Let me explain why the Republican party is in trouble. It is not because of a lack of ideas. It is because Republicans in the House and Senate have 1)become to moderate, and 2)spent like Democrats used to. Had Republicans in the House stayed true to the conservative ideals that got them elected in 1994, they would have not lost control of the House of Representatives. President Bush, apart from trying to keep America safe against Islamofascism, has consistently departed from Conservative principals. Had he adhered to such principles, he would not be nearly as unpopular as he has become.

Sarah Palin scares liberals to death. She, in my opinion, is Ronald Reagan in heels and lipstick. Her weakness is not her lack of experience (She does have more experience than Obamma). Her weakness is that she has to carry the water for Senator McCain. McCain losing the election will not be the end of her. Give her four years to run her country effectively and prepare to run for President and watch out.

Liberals know this, and that is why they are doing everything they can to discredit her. Their attemps to smear and discredit her will not work, and if libs continue to underestimate her, they will find her wonderful family in the White House in 2012.

Keep on truckin' Sarah.

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