Monday, December 01, 2008

Woops! Terrorism Still a Problem!

Yes, my headline is dripping with sarcasm. I thought that Barack Obama, The Messiah, was going to heal the world with his rhetoric of change. This weekend however was a grim reminder of what people all over the world are up against.

Islamo-fascism is alive and well. Like Bush or hate him. One thing he has done since 2001 is that he has kept America safe. NO terror attacks have occured in this country. 0. Nada. We have had alerts, including in New York last weekend, but no attacks.

We are at War. People may have grown war weary, but make no mistakes. We are at war. These EVIL people want to anihillate the non-Muslim world. They will stop at nothing. There is little chance that they will be habilitated. It is a scarry thought indeed.

What makes me sad, above all, is that it may just take another terrorist attack on our own people in America to reawaken the people of this country as to just what we are up against.

We live in terrifying times indeed!

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