Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Tax Day!

It is interesting to hear all of these liberals bad mouth the Tax Day tea parties that are going on all over the country. They are calling those who are attending a bunch of red necked backwards thinking hay seed hicks. But what they fail to do is to consider the real reasons and ideas behind these tea parties.

People are angry and scared. They fear for the future of their country. America was founded on the principles of limited government, rugged individualism, and the idea of American exceptionalism. These ideals, coupled with capitalism, is what has made this country the most successful and prosperous country in the world. President Barack Obama's ideas and policies that he wants to impliment are not only destined to fail, but will lead America down a path that it was not meant to go down.

But what the real crime here is that The Obama administration is implementing these policies without a single regard for fiscal responsibility. The fact that America does not have the money for all of these programs and bailouts. The amount of debt being amassed could cause such massive inflation that it will destroy the value of the dollar as a world currency. The debt we are heaping on our children and grandchildren is horribly crippling.

But worst of all, the proposals by this administration could spell the end of capitalism, which is the end of freedom. The American dream is that anyone can come here (legally) and try to make their fortune, and pursue happiness. Is it a perfect system? No! But it is the only one that works and gives people true freedom.

As people consider what this President is doing, trying to take control of the economy, health care and education, I want you to respond to this question.

Name for five things(excluding the military) that the government does well .

Now tell those of us diggin in our heals about this stuff that you really honestly think that that government can do it better(whatever "it" may be)!

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