Monday, November 09, 2009

Political Correctness caused the massacre at Ft. Hood

Despite all the warning signs including the fact that investigators found out that Nidal Hassan had tried to contact people associated with Al Qaeda in the recent past, The US Army failed to act. I believe they did not act for one reason: fear being accused of racial profiling and racism.

President Obama has said that we should not "jump to any conclusions" and has said little else about this massacre. Here is what investigators know so far about this man and the attack at Ft. Hood.

  1. Hassan went around saying goodbye to his neighbors in the days before the attack.
  2. He had been passing out Korans to people.
  3. Dr. Hassan was disciplined and reprimanded for attempting to convert his patients to Islam.
  4. He was known by his associate to have radical views and was opposed to the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  5. Hassan was known to be sympathetic toward the very people that the US was fighting.
  6. Multiple witnesses have stated Hassan yelled Allah u Akbar before opening fire, and during the rampage was reported to be calm and calculating during the shooting.
  7. The place he chose for his rampage was a pre-deployment center for soldiers going to Iraq or Afghanistan.
Put all this together and it is pretty hard not to draw the conclusion that this was done by a radical Muslim, intent on killing Americans.

Sounds like an act of terrorism to me.

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