Monday, April 26, 2010

Illegal immigration is not a racial issue

It is amazing how the left has come out and tried to paint the new Illegal immigration law in Arizona as a racial issue, painting those who support it as a bunch of knee-jerk, red neck, cross burning klansmen. However the truth is always such a horrible thing when talking about this issue. The fact is is that the US Government, which has the constitutional mandate to protect US borders, has utterly failed, and furthermore seems to be turning a blind eye to what has become a serious problem in border states like Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas. Illegal immigrants make up 15% of the total prison population in the United States. And to top it off, it is estimated that educating illegal immigrants is costing the US 78 billion dollars, most of this burden is put on the states.

In Arizona, according to an article I found, in 2005, illegal immigration costs account for more than 1.3 billion dollars. Considering the fact that the State has a 1.4 billion dollar shortfall, one can see how getting illegals out of this state will help to balance the budget.

No one is arguing the fact that many illegal immigrants come here to seek a better life. But the fact is is that they drain the economy of capital resources without paying their fair share of taxes. Many of these illegals commit identity theft so that they can work here in the US, by using stolen social security numbers and forged ID documents. Many other illegals come here and simply break the law.

The law was and is the right thing to do. If the federal government ever becomes concerned with protecting our borders, then maybe AZ police forces can stand down, but until then. This step must be taken.

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