Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Obama's new CO2 regs prove that he does not care about the poor.

Democrats and liberals have been given credit for being for the little guy.  My mother, who is a life-long democrat, has said as much to me. Never mind that the party platform has embraced infanticide, gay marriage and all other LGBT issues, rejected God, and pretty much does not stand for anything that mainstream America does.

But yesterday, Obama in essence jettisoned the poor by announcing that all power plants in the US must reduce carbon emissions by 32% by 2030.  Pretty much every major projection on these regulations will cause energy prices to skyrocket.  Who is this going to affect the most? The poor and middle class, or in other words the little people that the Democrat party says they represent.  Oh, and what will this supposedly do for the environment? It will reduce global temperatures by .028 degrees? Why is the impact not greater? Because the US is not even close to the biggest polluter in the world.

But make no mistake.  This will hurt the poor and middle class the most?  It will not just cause energy costs to increase but it will cause inflation in other areas, since all companies use energy.  If a rich person's electric bill goes up 20%, they just pay it with no trouble. But when lower and middle class people's energy costs go up, they will have a much harder time paying those bills.  Gas will cost more. Food will cost more and the average American will less cash in their pockets.

Finally, since when is CO2 a pollutant?  I leave you with this excellent video from Prager University made by one of the co-founder's of Greenpeace.

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