Sunday, July 06, 2008

Olympic Trials Thoughts

I was not able to watch much of the Olympic Trials this week as I have been quite busy, there are is one story that has really fascinated me.

It is the story of Lopez Lomond, one of the lost boys of Sudan who won an NCAA championship in the 1500 meters this spring and today qualified for the Olympics by placing third at the US Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR. Reading his story this week in several publications, brought tears to my eyes to hear him talk about what he went through to get to the US, and how much he cherishes his American Citzenship that he obtained only one year ago. He went through so much, that I felt some shame thinking that my youth was difficult at times, because I had trouble making friends. This kid lived for 10 years in a refugee camp in Kenya, believing that his family was all dead. He came to the US just six years ago, and now will represent his adopted home country in the Olympics in Beijing. As I watched today, I was not rooting or even paying attention to Bernard Lagat, another naturalized American from Africa who will represent the US this summer. I was as nervous for Lomong as I have been for any BYU or Angels team that I root for. When he crossed the finish line, I got a little choked up and felt so happy for a kid who's dream to run in the Olympics is coming true.

As i heard his quotes, I was reminded of how blessed I am to live in this Country. Too often we as Americans make excuses, or bad mouth this country for such stupid reasons. This young man came here after seeing unspeakable horrors, has never made excuses and has worked as hard as he could to build on his God-given talent. As I have watched the youth of America be unhappy because they did not get a car for their 16th birthday, and listen to how this kid when he got to the US, thought the family that was taking him was joking when they had to go get their car, I get sick to my stomach. We have so much, but think we have so little.

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