Friday, August 22, 2008

Choose wisely Senator McCain

So, I am hearing rumblings that John McCain may be considering a pro choice Vice President. I have been listening to the pundits debating how this would help or hurt his campaign. The argument from pro-life McCainanites is that because he has always been pro life, it will balance out the ticket. The other side says that conservatives will be put off by a pro choice candidate and will stay home thereby handing over the election to BHC.

I got news for McCain and his campaign. While I have sipped the Kool-Aid and have decided to vote for McCain in the general election, My vote is not set in stone. I am a staunch conservative, and in fact consider myself a Conservative first and a Republican second. I was and still am not happy with McCain as the Republican nominee.

If McCain chooses a pro choice candidate, I am done with him. He needs to pick a conservative whose credentials are without dispute. Leiberman, while correct on the war in Iraq, is wrong on many many issues that conservatives hold dear. And we Conservatives have not forgotten that McCain has left the reservation on several key Conservative issues.

Yes McCain has moved to the right to try to appeal to the Republican base, but he has to do more. Choosing a strong pro life, Conservative would go a long way to appeasing Conservatives like me that still feel that they are going to hold their noses while they vote for John McCain this November.

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