Friday, September 05, 2008

Why a new energy policy is essential in America.

No. Not because we need to save a planet suffering from man-made global climate change. I simply don't believe that this is a crisis. But rather, it makes sound economic policy for the United States of America to not be dependent on foriegn oil and energy.

By purchasing the vast majority of our oil from countries that would destroy us if they think they could do it and get away with it, the U.S. is indirectly sponsorning both Marxist Dictators (Putin in Russia, Chavez in Venesuala) and state sponsored terrorism. We simply, as Americans, can no longer let this happen.

We have to have a two pronged attack. First. We need to utilize our own domestic supplies, especially the oil deposits in ANWAR and the Outer Continential Shelf. We also need to start using coal-to-oil technologies which apparently are easier and more cost effective than oil shale.

But we must also start investing heavily in alternative energy sources. While I do not think that global warming (climate change) is a real problem, I do think it behooves us as caretakers of the planet to be more proactive in keeping our enviornment clean and safe, and to clean up our own messes. I would love to be able to one day get into my hydrogen powered car and drive to work, knowing that my automobile is not poluting one bit. This would be a great unintended consequence of a sound energy policy.

I never understood this until recently, but a good domestic energy policy is coupled with foriegn policy. We as Americans cannot stand by and allow billions of dollars each day be sent to rouge nations simply because we are too lazy or complacent to want to do anything about it. This "head-in-the-sand" way of dealing with things will only spell our doom.

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