Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Count me in for McCain-Palin.

I have to say. I was excited about Sarah Palin being picked as John McCain's running mate. I still have my reservations about McCain's conservative credentials, I have to say that I am on board with the Republican Party. I am100% for this ticket, and I hope and pray that the American people vote these two into the White House.

Tonight, Sarah Palin gave a speech that politicians only dream of. She delivered her speech with panache, grace, femininity and power. She told us her story, proud that she is from a small town and comfortable in her own skin. She took shots at Obama, that I think will resonate with Americans. She was funny, and self depricating. In all, it was one of the best political speeches that I have seen in years.

As I have watched in disgust, the personal and chauvinistic attacks that have been levied against her, I grew more and more angry and frustrated. But after her speech tonight I realized something. This is all the liberal left has. She is the worst nightmare for the Democrats. She is beautiful, articulate, witty, and sharp as a tack. But what is really bad for the libs, is that she walks the walk. She is truely a reformer and a whistleblower. She is pro life, and lives it. She is a successful, CONSERVATIVE, mother of five.

In the end the criticisms of Sarah Palin ring hollow, and what the "drive by" media may have done is propelled this "everywoman" into the spotlight, and might cause such a backlash against elitism and sexism that might propel the McCain Palin ticket into the White House.

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