Friday, September 16, 2005

Cindy Go Home!

So it looks like now that media circus around Cindy Sheehan has been assuaged by the Hurricane and Bush's going back to the White House. However, now I am reading that Cindy has signed on to speak on college campuses across the country.

What does this woman have to contribute to the national discourse on college campuses? She possesses neither the intellectual capacity nor the ability to maintain a discussion past her memorized talking points concerning her opposition to the war and President Bush. This is best illustrated by her statement that President Bush needs to pull troops out of occupied New Orleans. What in the world does that mean?

Man, I cannot wait until she comes to Arizona State University and talks about how the universe chose her as the spark that lit this anti-war "inferno" (yes she did say that). Now that is a deep thought. There is so much to discuss and debate in those remarks.

Arguments can be made against the war in Iraq, but they need to be rooted in some sort of intellectual honesty. They cannot be rooted in the over-emotionalism of a woman who lost her son in the war. Nor can these areguements be rooted in 60's radicalism that is so bankrupt of truth that rational people don't even listen.

She does have the right to say what she wants. The Constitution guarantees it. But for colleges and universities to spend money on such garbage is ridiculous and wasteful.

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