Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What is it about art?

Why does Art move us so much? If there is anyone who reads what I write, they would probably not expect this type of a post from me. My political leanings are obviously starboard, but I am still moved by things that touch my hear.

Great films reach me. Great books move me. Great songs ring true in my heart. I would imagine that the creators of these great things would probably disagree with most of what I believe, but I hope that they understand that what they create can touch people from all walks of life.

But I think that something that moves us now, might not move us later. The films that I enjoy now are not the same films that I loved growing up. I can remember seeing "The Breakfast Club" when I was a teenager and feeling that movie resonate within me. It captured the real dynamic of high school better than any film that I have seen before or since. I identified with all of the characters that were in that film. I understood them because because I knew them at my own school, and ultimately I saw myself in the characters I watched on the screen.

I watch that film now however and I see it in a different way. That film reminds me of my younger days. In high school, I as much as any other awkward kid who struggled with "teen angst" but now I don't remember much about what I loathed about high school. The sorrows are there in my memory, but the happy times seem to shine more brightly in my mind now than all of the garbage that I dealt with ( not that my childhood was that difficult) then.

Now, different films, books, and songs touch me in different ways. I don't remember crying very often when watching an emotional movie scene when I was younger, yet now I find myself pushing back tears way too often. Songs do this too. But I do know that what is happening now; these pieces of art touch my soul. They reach into me and pluck the strings that make the sweetest sounds within me.

Most people watch a film like "Black Hawk Down" and see a great military action film. I see a story about the struggle of man in the face of impossible odds. I see the selfless acts of soldiers doing their job. I watch a film like "October Sky" and I see a teenager, unable to understand his father, connect with him. I listen to a song like "100 years" and it makes me think about how short life is, and to live it right.

I thank God that he has given so many people on this earth, such wonderful talents. And I thank the artists of this world who do not hide their talent under a bushel, but use it so that we all can enjoy and benefit from it.

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